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What We Did

Your National Turf Manager has just performed the Late Spring Service of our Annual Lawn Management Program. This is the time when weeds are growing most vigorously. An inspection of the lawn is made and weed application was applied at this time. A second application of fertilizer and dry insect control (grubs-chinch bugs) was applied at this time.

What You Do

Sharpen your lawn mower blade then place your mower on a flat surface; set the cutting height at three inches and lock it in this position. The three-inch cutting height was chosen for the following four advantages:

1.   Stronger Root system:
Research has clearly shown that the root system is the most important part of the grass plant. It is also known that a more thoroughly developed root system will result from the proper mowing heights.

2.   Weed Prevention:
Millions of weed seeds are always present in even the most beautiful lawns. The key to a weed-free lawn is, in part, the shading effect that a proper cutting height will provide. Our well-administered herbicide program will do the rest.

3.   A More Balanced Plant:
Grass has tree basic parts: roots, stem, and foliage. By cutting to short, you tend to leave only root and stem. It weakens the plant's ability to make food and will eventually stunt or kill it.

4.   A Better Environment:
Bluegrass and fescues are cool season grasses. On a hot summer day, the temperature is as much as 20 degrees cooler in the shade of the three-inch tall grass then in a sunny, bare spot, and this lower temperature provides a more optimal environment.


Lawns in this area will not need watering until summer. National Turf's dry applications allow for Mother Nature to take care of watering until then.

Lawn Safety and Clean-up

Before you start mowing this year, clean up your lawn. Most lawns have been littered by falling twigs and branches from shade trees due to winter's high winds. Children may have left small toys, stones, or other objects that will become dangerous missiles in the path of the rotary mower. Small objects can also cause nicks and rough spots on your newly-sharpened blade. Be sure not to wear tennis shews when mowing – they are not enough protection if your toes get too close to the blades.