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 Our lawn care programs are customized to your lawn's specific needs. 

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 Designed by agronomists at Virginia Tech & University of Maryland for optimal success.

Our Program

Lime Service - Usually applied January - March. Lime corrects acidity and toxicity, thereby promoting a better soil in which to maintain good, healthy grass.

Early Spring Service - Completed in March - April, A dry, balanced fertilizer is applied to stimulate growth and development for the new season. During this period grass devolops new roots. rhizomes and tillers thus increasing the density of your lawn. A pre-emergent crabgrass control is also applied at this time as well as weed control.

Late Spring Service - This service is done later in the spring (May - June). A second application of dry balanced fertilizer, high in slow-release nitrogen to keep feeding the lawn throughout the summer. Weeds are controlled for the 2nd time this growing season and a second crab-grass, pre-emergent is applied where necessary.

Summer Service - June - July - This is the time when weed are most vigorous. An inspection of the lawn is made and a 2nd weed application is applied at this time. Insect control is applied to combat grubs, chinch-bugs and sod webworms throughout the summer.

Early Fall - August - October is the best time to reseed and rebuild. We use top quality certified seed especially formulated for this area. A heavy application of fertilizer is applied in anticipation of cooler temperatures. We also aerate your lawn making hundreds of small holes so fertilizer can get to the roots. Aeration also improves the carbon dioxide and oxygen in the soil needed for proper root development. It is essential the you water the seed 20 straight days for 30 - 45 minutes to maximize germination. 

Late Fall - This is an ideal time for a very liberal application of winter dormant fertilizer that helps your lawn green up faster in the spring.