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Late Spring

Spring Service

A second application of dry balanced fertilizer, high in slow-release nitrogen, is applied to keep feeding the lawn throughout the summer. Weeds are controlled for the third straight month of the growing season. A second crabgrass pre-emergent control is applied where necessary. Water thoroughly following this visit!


The most important factor involved in proper lawn care is watering. Watch your lawn daily for signs of the lack of water. Long periods of dry weather (over five days) will necessitate watering thoroughly every two to three days. When watering, soak the lawn thoroughly until runoff occurs. The best time to water is during the morning hours. Night waterings are not good because they promote fungus and disease.


(University of Maryland Extension Service)
Most people like to keep their grass cut short for a carpet-like appearance. You will do this for the first few mowings with most desirable grasses, but soon weeds such as crabgrass and dandelion invade, and the attractive lawn will disappear. When mowing, you must leave enough green leaf area to provide for the development of a vigorous root system. This usually means removing no more then one-third of the green leaf area at any one mowing. A 2½ to 3 inch heights is recommended.