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Early Fall

Fall Service

Fall is nature's time to reseed and rebuild! National Turf Service uses top quality, certified seed, especially formulated for this area. A heavy application of dry balanced fertilizer is applied in anticipation of the return to lush growing conditions and cooler temperatures. We aerate your lawn making thousands of hols 1 to 2½ inches deep. Fertilizer moves into these wholes and into the root zone where needed. Aeration is also improves the carbon dioxide and oxygen balance in the soil so essential to proper root development.

Watering every day, approximately ½ to ¾ of an hour in each area, for 25 straight days will promote the maximum germination from the seed we have just sown.


Help Us, Help You!
Watering every day that is doesn't rain keeps the soil surface moist. Maintaining a moist soil surface for 25 straight days after seeding is most important! Please remove leaves as they fall to keep them from smothering young seedlings, but avoid heavy raking, which disturbs the soil or seedlings. Cut your grass 2 to 3 inch height and catch the clippings after 2 to 2½ weeks of constant watering.