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Additional Services

Additional Service are services that are outside of our program but are services that we provide.


Power De-thatching

         To understand why you might need to De-thatch your lawn its first  important to know what Thatch is.  Thatch is the mat of dead grass and  other organic materials between the green tips of your grass and the  soil surface – is harmful to your lawn when it reaches a thickness of  one half inch of more.  Drought, disease, insects, failure to remove  lawn clippings, and other factors can cause this build-up.  Leaving this  thatch barrier will impair new growth by blocking fertilizer, water,  and other nutrients to the root system.  For a healthy lawn, you must  remove thatch before seeding.  Hand raking is simply not vigorous enough  to remove all the thatch in your lawn.  A power de-thatcher with  revolving blades of knives is the best equipment.  National Turf Service  offers the best available equipment for quick, thorough removal of  thatch.


         Does your lawn suffer from sparse patchy growths, weeds, or barren  areas?  Our Sodding program might be for you.  Prime times for sodding  are in the spring and fall.  We will take up any imperfections in a  concentrated patch.  We will rake in fresh topsoil to enrich the  affected area and level the area then apply the sod while tightening the  seams leaving a beautiful lawn.


        Our topsoil service is something we provide for patching Bare spots,  filling holes, and dents in the lawn that might retain water causing  unsightly puddles on your lawn.  Have you had a tree removed?  This  would be a great time to add some topsoil to the affected area thus  repairing imperfections in the areas effected.  Our Topsoil service also  include seeding and aeration to ensure lawn growth in these trouble  areas.

Irrigation System Maintenance (Turn on and Winterizations)

         In the spring, we re-pressurize your system and checking for damages to  the supply pipes.  We will also adjust heads to ensure proper  irrigation maximizing the surface area your sprinklers will cover.  We  will also repair and maintain your Irrigation system.  In the fall, we  winterize the system draining the system to prevent any excess water  from freezing and expanding potentially cracking and damaging your  supply pipes which will lead to costly repairs in the spring.

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Additional Services

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