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Our Programs are based on the most current research by agronomists from Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, & The U.S. Department of Agriculture!!!

About National Turf Service

National Turf Service was established in 1970.  Locally owned and operated in Northern Virginia and is the oldest lawn care company in the area.  Our owner takes great pride in our program that was designed by agronomists at Virginia Tech & University of Maryland and insures that each proposal is customized for each individual homeowners needs.  

Our personalized service

Your initial meeting provides a comprehensive evaluation and proposal specific to your annual lawn care.

We provide additional consultations throughout the year if necessary at no extra cost.

We are committed to working with you to establish a vibrant sustainable lawn that continues to be healthy year after year.

Our program affirms our commitment to the environment by using a 90% dry, granular product that is environmentally safe.  Our adherence to the local, state and federal regulations in regards to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and is reflected on all our products.

Applications - Full Service Lawn Program

Core Aeration - Our deep core aeration in the Fall assures excellent seed germination and controls run-off fertilizers.

Seeding - We reseed your lawn in the Fall with the finest blend of Virginia/Maryland certified seed.

Fertilization - We apply dry-granular fertilizer throughout the year to assure a thick, green lawn.

Lime - An important part of our program to correct soil acidity with additional nutrients.

Crabgrass Control - We apply two applications of dry-granular, pre-emergent crabgrass control to stop crabgrass before it stars in the spring.

Weeds - Dandelions, broadleaf, clover, chickweed, plantain, and all other common weeds will be controlled on each service visit.

Grub and Insects - Japanese beetle grubs, sod chinchbugs, sod webworms and many other damaging insects are controlled as needed throughout the year.

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